Government Communicators Key Players in SADC Integration

Deputy Pemanent Secretary in the Ministry for State President Mr Oshinka Tsiang says government communicators are essential in
imparting knowledge and raising awareness on SADC Regional Integration among the public and other stakeholders.

When officially opening the capacity building workshop for Botswana Government Communication Officers today in Palapye, Mr Tsiang said hosting the Regional Integration Workshop by Botswana Government Communication and Information System (BGCIS) which also serves as the SADC National Media Coordinator (SNMC) is a step in the right direction as BGCIS is the focal point for SADC communication and Promotional Strategy at the national level.

As an organization which serves as a SADC National Media Coordinator BGCIS carries the following responsibilities:

a) Disseminates all SADC legal instruments and all communication to national stakeholders and the public at large on SADC policies, strategies, approaches and achievements.
b) Informs the SADC Secretariat on SADC related events and activities taking place member states particularly, Botswana.
c) To build capacity in the Member States to drive the Regional Integration Agenda.

Delivering her remarks, SADC Secretariat Public Relations Officer, Ms Anethe Mtabanengwe said facilitating the strengthening of capacities among Botswana Government communication officials in using media as a tool to communicate has the potential to contribute towards the delivery of the SADC Revised Communications and Promotional Strategy, which is being developed for implementation by Member States.

She commended the Government of Botswana through BGCIS for partnering with the Federal German Government in Strengthening National Regional Linkages.

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