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“I Was Born Into This Life,I Never Picked It Or Asked For It,” Natasha Olopeng.

The Miss Plus Size Universe Botswana saga seems to be far from over because the recent developments looks like the drama is only beginning.  After keeping the nation waiting and guessing, the 2nd runner up Natasha Olopeng who has stepped in to take over from the Queen, has now decided to speak her side of the story.

In response to the allegations that she got the privilege to represent Botswana because of her surname, Natasha had this to say, “I find it so sad and pathetic how people never want to make it on their own they always want to put other people down or even blame other people for their own failures. Listen here I was born into this life that I never picked it, or asked for it so if you gonna try use me to get people’s sympathy then please go find a job to try and change your situation and stop using me as an excuse!”

“Just try take responsibility for your actions because even when you trying to destroy other people just know that karma is very strong and what goes around always comes back around,” she continued. For her part, the Queen Mmangaka Tumagole said she genuinely doesn’t have an issue with Natasha. “The saddest part is waking up to a dream in which I was super happy to see her and we were cool. This drama was done and all was well. Its a sad story how a title can tear so much sisterhood that was built. Its such a shame,” she said. Well, this is a sad era for pageantry in Botswana.


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