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“If I Get On That Seat I Will Focus On Job Creation”- Bruce Nkagile

It is now common knowledge that Bruce Nkagile is aspiring to be a leader of this country some day. Just like any other person campaigning for higher office, Bruce took it to social media to tell his followers know what he has in store for them once he get that seat. He vows to take out the number one thing that concerns most people in this country-unemployment.


“I would renegotiate the internship program with the view of reducing the period to 6 months and having a surety of that you get a real job after 6 months of service. Real jobs are what can save our economy and the political anger among the youth,” he said. He also stated that one in power he will renegotiate the retirement age for civil servants with the view of reducing it with 5 years to make way for the youth.

He also stated, “If I sit on that seat I would push for industrialization especially in the energy sector. I would push for energy sufficiency by asking our beloved government to start our oil refinery plant that has the potential to create 20 000 jobs. I will speak soon about the restructuring of the YDF and related support structures. I am all about jobs and jobs, I am all about policies that will change lives.”

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