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“In 2017, May We All Respect Others’ Talents And Abilities”. Gogontlejang Phaladi

Philanthropist and motivational speaker Gogontlejang Phaladi ushered in the new year with a strong message directed at organizations and the nation at large. She challenged all of us to make it a point to respect others’ talents and abilities, more especially when it comes to paying artists their dues after they have rendered a service.

On her Facebook page, she wrote this powerful message, “This is especially for Government departments, international agencies, organizations and companies. Just as we pay an artist to sing at an event, let us also include in the event’s budget and pay- MCs, motivational speakers, photographers, poets, dancing groups, choirs, etc.”

“Lets also do our best to pay them their worth, these people are not simply entertainers or motivators but many actually live off their chosen art. They are good at what they do because they invest time, efforts and resources to perfect themselves. By not paying them, we make it difficult for them to thrive and succeed in their craft,” she said.

Gogontle concluded by noting that, economic diversification starts in such spaces thus reducing unemployment and underemployment dictates that we take such measures. She urged us all to give artists an option to do it for free (for charity) and to stop assuming that they don’t need payment.


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