1. The Governments of the Republic of Botswana and Zambia through the Kazungula Bridge Project Office (KBPO) hereby invites Individual Consultants to indicate their Interest in the following assignments: Consultancy Services for the Design and Development of Training Materials/Modules in Trade Facilitation & Border Management and Delivery of the Training of Trainers Programme.

2. The Services to be provided under the assignment include:

โ€ข To Develop a Course Content of Training:
Trade Facilitation and Border Management Subject. The training module shall combine comprehensive content/details on the theoretical & practical aspects of Trade Facilitation and Border Management and the reference methodology to be adopted by facilitators to impart training. ๏ƒผ Training subjects shall include but not limited to Training on the 4 Pillars of Trade Facilitation; OSBP Concept; Coordinated Border Management (CBM); Doing Business Reports of Botswana and Zambia; Trade Facilitation Guidelines of WTO, UNCTAD, UNECE, WCO; INCOTERMS and Trade Documents; HS Code; International Conventions on Transport of Goods; and Documentary Credit.

โ€ข To Develop a training program and training material ๏ƒผ Conduct meetings with BURS, ZRA, Departments of Immigration, technical/project consultant & other representatives for the purpose of tailoring the training program.

Based on the outline in stage 1, develop the training course/modules and content.

-Develop the training manual, including trainer manual (with explanatory notes) and the participants training material.
-Design teaching methodology and tools and guidelines for the training of trainers.

โ€ข To conduct a Training of master trainer Conduct a training course for Training of Master Trainers (TOT). Capacity building of the TOT to conduct further training courses for the target groups using the developed training material & prescribed methodology.

โ€ข Supervision & Coaching master trainers at one pilot training course, involving training of up to 20 people.

2 .Attend/Supervise the training courses conducted by Master Trainers. Exercise interventions & provide feedback to the Master Trainers when they are conducting the training sessions Revise/Improve the training materials based on the feedback / observed performance of the TOT training sessions.

3. Essential Specialized Skills/ Competence The Consultant shall have the following qualifications, skills and experience

A. Qualification & Experience

i) Have at least a masterโ€™s degree or equivalent in the field of Trade Facilitation and Border Management or related field.

ii) Have at least 10 years of experience, in training, academics including the development of training materials or curricula and research in the Trade Facilitation and Border Management field.

iii) Have expertise in multi-disciplinary teaching, and blended teaching & learning practices, which makes the teaching learning process effective and interesting.

iv) Have learnt, improved, developed and evolved effective training acumen, approaches and methodologies.

B. Skills

v) Outcome based training/education, and he/she shall have a proven track record in this area.

vi) Trained different age-groups, across disciplines.

vii) Be accepted as an expert in the field of training, area of effective teaching, innovative teaching, technology enabled teaching, instructional design, blended learning and more

viii) Possess effective training skills, behavioral & interpersonal skills, communication & soft-skills, along with IT skills, with domain expertise in the areas of Economics, Strategy, Management, Leadership, Organization Behavior and Training & Development ix) Conducted sessions and workshops for teachers, trainers, principals, and also conducted Management Development Programs, and carried out training & consultancy projects.

x) Technical capacity with respect to curriculum design, development, delivery and evaluation.

xi) Use appropriate taxonomy in design of training program objectives, outcomes, curriculum and content.

xii) Use effective pedagogy/methodology in instruction design and delivery of the program; and, a comprehensive evaluation scheme to gauge the effectiveness of the entire program.

4. The KBPO invites Individual Consultants to indicate their Interest in providing the above described services. Interested Consultants shall provide information on their qualifications and experience demonstrating the ability to undertake this assignment (documents, reference to similar services, experience in similar assignments, etc.)

5. Please, note that Interest expressed by a Consultant does not imply any obligation on the part of KBPO to include him/her in the shortlist.

6. The estimated duration of the services is 70 working days and estimated starting date is 1st September 2020.

7. The Consultant will be based in Kazungula, Botswana for the duration of the consulting period.

8. Interested Individual Consultant(s) may obtain further information at the address below during working hours: 0830-1700hours.

9. The expression of interest must be received at the address below no later than 15th June 2020 at 1700 hours (local time) and specifically mentioning โ€œConsultancy Services for the Design and Development of Training Materials/Modules in Trade Facilitation & Border Management and Delivery of the Training of Trainers Programeโ€.

For the Attention of:
The Project Managers
Kazungula Bridge Project Office
DRTS PLOT, Along A33 Road
Private Bag 00416
Kasane, Botswana.

Tel: +2676250541 and +2676253029

Fax: +2676250324



10. A shortlist of three to six individual consultants will be established at the end of the request of expressions of interest.

The consultants on the short list will be judged in the following criteria on the basis of their updated resume/CV.

a. Academic qualifications 40%;
b.Adequacy for the assignment 50%;
c. Experience in region 10%.
Total weight 100%

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