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Keno Suits To Be Featured On Forbes Africa Magazine

Keno Suits, a local suit  designer business owned by former one half Magosi(a Hip Hop group) Thobo ‘Ruxion’ Kerekang  and MC Don Dada will be featured on one of the most renowned magazines in Africa; Forbes Africa.

Ruxion said that they have always wanted to go international are glad they got the attention of Forbes magazine adding that the opportunity has inspired them to work harder than they currently are.

Keno Suits was established in 2014. They make customised suits that bring a new twist to suave with stylish designs and materials.

The trendy suits, whose stylish designs quickly enhance one’s image, are made from different materials. Depending on the client one can choose materials they prefer prior to ordering.

Keno Suits joins the likes of Choppies CEO, former BOB governor Linah Mohohlo and Gaona Tlhasana who have been featured on the magazine.

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