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Latty’s P100k Worth Hairstyle

Latty’s P100K worth hairstyle! The “Booty Butt Chicks”, rapper, also entreprenuer ‘s mohawk doesn’t come cheap at all.

The hairstyle has remained a topic of discussion for years now and everywhere Latty goes, he attracts more than enough attention courtesy of his extravagnt look. Leatile ‘Latty Swagger Boy’ Motlhalamme,  has never been one to shy away from public attention, in-fact he thrives off that kind of energy. In a recent episode of his reality show, Chasing The Dream with Latty, he revealed that he has spent a cumulative P100k on hair maintenance!

Dubbed “Gaborone’s most hated Kid”,  Latty broke down a budget of his hair products and the expenses he has incurred since he first started keeping his mohawk in  2012. “I have spent P1500.00 to P2000.00 every other month on my hairstyle…inclusive of the tints and sometimes even the ponytail. It’s been a couple of years now, you can do the math,” he said.  He further went on to state that if he could, he would spend a lot more on his mohawk than he already has.

To many, Motlhalamme’s mohawk is a distraction as it is too big and he always uses bright colors for the tint. But according to him it is the source of his uniqueness and serves as a good luck charm, having cited Samson , from the Bible, who too derived his strength from his hair before Delilah would deceive him and shave it all off.

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