Letsholo lambastes BHC

Honourable Thapelo Letsholo, the Member of Parliament for Kanye North has condemned Botswana Housing Corporation (BHC) of being stagnant.

The outspoken youthful legislator is of the view that BHC have been caught up by the times, and it is no longer doing anything unique.

“The Botswana Housing Corporation was established to enable affordable accommodation for Batswana at a time when no commercial players could do so. Today, the private sector, including 100% citizen owned companies, are active players and very capable of delivering houses, apartments, shopping malls, and even manufacturing plants. So, in this new environment, what is the role of BHC and how do we measure their success? Clearly it cannot be the same measures as 30 years ago. If fact, I would go further and ask, what is BHC doing that the private sector cannot do? What is their return to the economy and the shareholder?” wondered Letsholo.

According to Kanye North legislator, if there is no return to the shareholder, then it means BHC is crowding out the private sector, and of that is the case “then the only course of action is clear.”” We can no longer afford to have State-Owned Enterprises that exist only for their existence. Our people will judge us harshly for this level of wastage and indecisiveness.” Charged Letsholo.

On the contrary, Letsholo is of the view that Botswana Development Corporation (BDC) is a good example of how State Owned Enterprises ought to function to contribute to the economy of the country. The member of Parliament feels BDC has performed satisfactorily over the years.

“The Botswana Development Corporation has played its catalytic role somewhat satisfactorily over the years. For example, I understand that BDC led the set up and development of Air Botswana, and at an opportune time, they disinvested. BDC played a significant role in the set up of KBL and Sechaba Breweries, opening up the beverages sector. I believe that at an opportune time they will disinvest and allow the market to progress on its own. That way BDC not only catalyses the market and grows the private sector, but is also forced to seek for new investments and explore new markets as per its mandate. This drives productivity and we can hold them accountable for growing their assets, diversifying their portfolio and delivering a return to the shareholder. This is the power of setting clear outcome goals for State-Owned Enterprises.” Letsholo commended.

Letsholo was responding to the State of the Nation address which was recently delivered by His Excellency the President Mokgwetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi.

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