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Lorraine Distebe Opens Up About Her Road Accident

Lorraine Distebe recently got involved in a car accident according to a social media post speaking on this sad development. Lorraine’s message read;

“I was involved in a car crush Saturday 6am on Gabane road .I could possibly not be here alive today.By God’s grace, I am recovering, glad all lives involved are all fighters like me. Some are Fighting in the ICU.Praying God to sustain them.So, Lorraination I am Asking for prayers. Life is such a precious thing. Ill never take granted. God’s love, grace and mercy keeps us. Surely for a reason to live longer and do more beautiful purposeful things.

Remember I am on radio Duma FM Saturdays 14:15pm to 14:30pm. Dont miss it today, the public speaking segment with me, Pearl Ebineng & Letty today .I have to be strong for me and others. Ill make it there. Love you guys please drive safely and seat belts on always.“

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