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Margaret Nasha Reveals Why She Left BDP For UDC

Former Speaker of Parliament, Dr Margaret Nasha, this past Sunday quit the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (B.D.P.), and joined the main opposition, the Umbrella for Democratic Change (U.D.C.). This did not come as much of a shock because of late there has been some rumors that she was not happy at B.D.P.


Nasha cited that some of her reasons for leaving are that she no longer feels home in the B.D.P. She says she and other members are not happy with the way the party interfere with issues of judiciary, and she unlike these other members couldn’t take it no more. The first  female national assembly speaker who has served the ruling part for 21 years, says she can no longer live with a conscience imprisonment, but would rather openly debate issues.

Meanwhile, the U.D.C. says it is delighted that Dr Nasha, has joined the party. The U.D.C. says although Dr Nasha had pleaded to join as an ordinary member and activist, she has been prevailed upon to take on, given her experience, the role of adviser to the key offices at the level of the U.D.C.


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