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MAVEETA making the waves

With less than a month in circulation, MAVEETA Pure Still Water is already making the waves in the market. The pure still water brand by the local star artist, Odirile Sento- passionately known as Vee Mampeezy in the music circles is the current fashionable thing in the rounds.

The hitmaker of Letlhale le a tsamaya, Dumalana, Important, Dololo and the recent makoti pitori, among other hits has once again hit a market by storm, this time not with a song but with pure still water. Vee is enjoying a support not only by the general population but from his fellow artists as well, among other artists, Atasaone β€œATI” Molemogi, DJ La Timmy, and comedian Obza Modidima has taken their support to Mampeezy to Facebook. To recognize the support, the artist has started a hashtag challenge #MAVEETA where people send their photos with the MAVEETA Pure Still Water and get the honors of being posted by Vee Mampeezy.

Making sure MAVEETA reaches the four corners of the country, Vee Mampeezy on the 10th of February this year posted on Facebook a picture of himself signing a distribution deal with Choppies chain store, β€œWe just signed, all glory to God!!! Now let’s take MAVEETA to the people!!!” he said through his Facebook post.

To prove a warm reception of the water by the public, Vee Mampeezy recently posted on Facebook that the first stock has been sold out, β€œI would like to humbly thank Botswana for the massive support, our first stock of MAVEETA got SOLD OUT yesterday, even when it was raining, the orders kept on coming. Yesterday we spent the whole night making sure that [the] stock is available today!! Now let’s make history, MAVEETA to the people #healthynation #RumolaMogote.” He celebrated.

Promoting his Pure still water brand, as well as merging the marketing campaign for both his music and water brand, Mampeezy is using his hits names to endorse the water, of recent he posted promotional designs with the words, β€œKe feela Important ke nwa MAVEETA”, β€œRea Dumalana ka MAVEETA”, β€œDololo ka lenyora MAVEETA a teng”.

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