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Maxy Has Rebranded And Is Now Going As KhoiSan Maxy

A lot of celebrities have rebranded and changed their names, the likes of Amantle Brown who used to go as Amantle. Now it is Maxy, she is working with a new producer in South Africa and has changed her brand to Khoisan Maxy which comes as no shock as the Queen of Sands has always associated her brand with the Khoisans.

She recently released a new single titled ‘Why Uvuma’ debuted on one of South Africa’s biggest radio stations, Metro FM on last week, and her voice, which many have equated to the powerhouse, Brenda Fassie’s left South Africans startled.
Robbie Malinga flaunted her earlier as “my new signing” on Twitter announcing that the single would debut on Metro FM. “Her name is Khoisan Maxy, my latest signing catch her single “why uvuma” from 8:45  HYPERLINK “https://twitter.com/METROFMSA” @MetroFMSA,” the tweet, with a picture of the songstress read.

What followed after the debut was the hash tag #WhyUvuma trending, with rave reviews pouring in from all quarters of Twitter, in praise of the song and its singer. Many of the tweeps were seemingly in anticipation of the album and were ready to purchase it. It was the second trending has tag on Twitter, after Already, online reviews have announced “Why Uvuma” as a hit and predict that her album, which is reportedly being worked on will have the same effect.

The song is a fusion of Gospel/Afropop/Jazz and a typical Malinga masterpiece is now available on iTunes and Apple music.

Maxy has nine traditional albums, four afro pop albums, one house album and one gospel album.



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