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Maxy Motivates Women With Her Music Journey!

I’ts a man’s world, but it ain’t nothing without a woman, so the saying goes. Maxy is a woman who has worked a very interesting path in her music career, and she is the definition of strength. She, in partnership withΒ Revelations – Women in Music and Theatre have started a journey on a high note to improve the music and theatre industry.


They hold workshops across the country to help women believe in their talent. The workshops involve training as well as inspirational speeches, and it is aimed at improving the lives of women in the arts industry.Β This Project is Godly driven and helps participants to get in touch with their spiritual selves.

Improving capacity for women in performing arts is not an easy thing. Women are taken advantage of and in most instances are not confident to show case their talent. Maxy is one artist who is very talented, but her music fails o take her somewhere. She is the best person to advice these ladies as she is a shinning example of how ruthless the industry can be like.


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