Minister Morwaeng Leads All Party Conference

The Minister for State President Hon. Kabo Neale Sechele Morwaeng led the All-Party Conference attended by All registered representatives this morning. Addressing the gathering Hon. Kabo Morwaeng stated that the meeting was essential to Botswana’s democracy, and it is the solemn commitment of the Government to ensure the principles of the democracy are upheld through dialogue and consultations.

Minister Morwaeng highlighted that the gathering gave all parties present an opportunity to discuss and share ideas on how to better build Botswana, make proposals on the modalities of operationalizing the political funding, reassess the mandate of the All-Party Conference and introspect whether it still served its original purpose when it was formed as well as the proposal for appointment of members of the Electoral Commission.

When addressing the Media Hon. Kabo Morwaeng highlighted that members resolved that the Government will present a draft Bill and share it with all parties for comments and suggestions which will be discussed during the upcoming All-Party Conference scheduled for the 8th August 2024.

The Independent Electoral Commission Secretary Mr Jefferson Siamisang updated members on IEC preparedness and readiness of the upcoming general elections slated for October 2024.

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