Miss Botswana Top 30 List Part 2.

Continued From Part 1 11-20

The day that  most people have been waiting for is finally here,the Miss Botswana Top 30 list is finally here. The list was expected to be released last week as the organized promised, but nonetheless,the Top 30 is finally here. This is the time for you to pic the girl you rally behind, those who did not make it can always try next month.

11. Uzapi Hange.

miss bot 11

12. Gaseangwe Balopi.

miss bot 12

13. Angela Atlang.

miss bot 13

14. Olorato Kealotswe.

miss bot 14

15. Nicole Gaelebale.

miss bot 15

16. Oratile Buti.

miss bot 16

17. Katlego Gaotsenelelwe.

miss bot 17

18. Phatsimo Baoagi.

miss bot 18

19. Dimpho Makobo.

miss bot 19

20. Gosego Gopadileng.

miss bot 20

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