Morwaeng’s ‘imbecilic’ conclusions on public service

Botswana Federation of Public Sectors Union (BOFEPUSU) is not pleased with Morwaeng’s remarks about the public service. Honourable Kabo Morwaeng, yesterday on his public address, accused the public servants of sitting on their work.

On his address, the Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration pointed a finger at the public servants claiming that those accusations are backed by feedback from the public. “This comes on the background of public feedback that suggests that some officers across government are never available and always ‘on shift’.” Morwaeng claimed.

BOFEPUSU view these remarks by the Minister responsible for ensuring the wellness of the public servants as not only reckless, but imbecilic and irresponsible. The Union believes the Minister is rather supposed to be speaking for them, not attacking them.

“In his public address through Botswana television on the 24th August 2021, the Minister attacked efforts of combatting the spread of covid 19 by irresponsibly stating that the current arrangement of shifts in the workplace will be suspended. The decision is ill-informed. There is no truth whatsoever in his claim that civil servants are abusing the remote work initiative by spending time in cattle posts. These are ill thoughts by a reckless politician who does not have regard for the sacrifices public servants put in delivering services during these challenging times. We express strong objections to this imbecilic, irresponsible and reckless conclusion coming from a Minister whose portfolio covers public service administration. He is the relevant Minister to be advocating for the safety and better conditions of service of public servants.” Ketlhalefile Motshegwa, BOFEPUSU Deputy Secretary charged.

According to BOFEPUSU, Minister Morwaeng should retract his remarks as “it is bad for efforts of managing COVID-19”. The Union has noted that the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Ministry of Health and Wellness has recommended remote working, and working on shifts to decongest workplaces. These arrangements, according to the Union do work, though the Minister seem to be undermining them.

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