“Mr President, don’t use the vehicles, they have been exposed” -Pius Mokgware warns.

Sometimes when you see things happening ofitlhela o kare [it is tempting to say] it serves them well but when you love your country and knowing very well that go loser [to lose] Batswana you are forced to say the truth. The recent procurement of Presidential Vehicles was badly handled, it is a serious security breach. The President ‘s life has been exposed to danger by those who have to protect him.

The questions which should be answered are :

a) Since the procurement of Presidential vehicles is a secret procurement under special procurement how did it come to the public domain or how was it leaked . This includes even the details of the supplier and all the full security features. Security features of any Presidential vehicle is top secret.

b) Why were the vehicles not brought in containers or some sort of concealment. The procedure is that they are put in containers right at the factory, sealed and only opened in a secure location in Botswana.

c) How far were the security agencies when the vehicles arrived at the border and photographed. Why did they allow this to happen.

d) Is the President going to use the vehicles since we know all the security features. The only missing security feature is the driver, which is easy to find out.

e) Were they budgeted for and approved by Parliament as required by law and Financial instructions. The Minister of Presidential Affairs always brought them as special items in the budget just like the Presidential jet. I remember at one time the Minister justifying the request in parliament saying “Koloi ya ga Tau Tona e kgologolo ebile e kile ya ema ka ene” [The Presidential car is so old that it once had a breakdown while using it] he also lamented on the poor security features.

The reasons I am raising these issues, are that it is clear that the vehicles were not secured right from the supplier to Botswana. The enemies to the President could have easily put sugar in the engines to destroy them, maybe bugs have been planted since the President is a person of interest or perfumed with some chemicals which will damage him slowly. Security arena is always an interesting, dynamic and fluid space.

My two thebe advice to you Mr President is, don’t use the vehicles, they have been exposed. Just a heads up it is known now that the unprotected area is the roof top. Nowadays with these flying gadgets like drones, that is where your enemies will target. Auction them there are buyers in Botswana and the region and tell those who lined their pockets through this deal to bring back the money. To Rre Katlholo ye kgang ke ya gago Sir [To Mr. Katlholo, this issue is yours Sir], save our nation.”

*Major General Pius Mokgware is a former Botswana Defence force general, and a former Member of Parliament for Gabane /Mmankgodi.

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