The Government of Botswana formulated the National Policy on Disaster Management which was approved in 1996 through Presidential Directive No. CAB 27/96.In 1998 the National Disaster Management Office was established under Office of the President to monitor, coordinate and respond to any rapid onset disasters in the country.2008 the NDMO conducted a nationwide study to conduct a hazard assessment of all the prevalent and potential hazards in the country


• The National Disaster Management Office is responsible for proatively formulating national disaster management systems and coordination across the disaster spectrum through;

• Preparing and updating the National Disaster Risk Management plans and guidelines.

• Formulating Standard Operating Procedures for emergency response and management.

• Providing early warning of an approching disaster and predictions of its possible effects on the country, the population and their livelihoods.

• Maintaining a comprehensive Disaster Management Information system.

• Holding in readiness a series of preparedness or contigency plans, for specific hazards such as floods, wild land fires.

• Maintaining strategic reserves of essential commodities and equipment at national and district levels. With which to mount immediate disaster relief whilst further national or if needed international assistance is being mobilized.

• Maintaining an up to date inventory of all available resources, institutional facilities and equipment that can be called upon to respond to disasters.

• Formulating and implementing, in partnership with training and academic institutions programmes in disaster management education, training and public awareness.For further information visit

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