President Masisi Shares Personal Things About Himself

In a social media post in the build up to the elections, The President shared bit more about himself and how when he commits to something, he commit wholeheartedly. Read his full post below

“A couple of days ago I was asked on Facebook if I personally see your comments and messages and I responded that I do. I must admit that I don’t get to read every message and remark but I do like to pop into social media as often as I can to understand what is important to you. A loyal supporter inboxed me and asked if I could share a bit more about myself, so here goes:

My favourite colour really is red. Loyalty runs in my blood. When I commit to something, I commit wholeheartedly. When I give you my word, know that I will break my back to keep it. I believe that you can only master your role as a public servant if you understand what is important to your people. In my view a strong leader understands the importance of teamwork. Being a game changer is not always popular but doing the right thing is always the right thing. Making the right call comes with involving others and encouraging innovation and initiative. I take responsibility for my actions and can admit when I am wrong. What you see of me in public, is who I am at home. I stand for honesty, integrity and respect. I passionately believe in the untapped potential of Botswana and that you truly deserve the best!

Be blessed Botswana.”

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