By the 30th May 2020, hawkers and street vendors at Maun Old mall are requested not to leave behind goods or others objects associated with their trade or leave their stall pitching materials in an unclean state when departing from the stall space where they trade.

If the stall directly or indirectly obstructs traffic in any public space or obstructs the use of any public space (road reserve, public parking, emergency exits, islands, walk ways, T-junctions), or causing nuisance or danger to persons in the vicinity by means of himself/herself, his/her vehicle or his/her goods will at the request of any representative of Law Enforcement Office or any authorized officer be instructed to remove his/her vehicles or his/her goods, to such a place as may be reasonably required, in order to discontinue such obstruction or danger.

The stated traders are to at all times keep a hygienic condition of all receptacles, instruments and other articles used in the conduct of his/her trade.

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