Quick Facts About Ministry Of Education: Golden Jubilee Countdown

The Ministry of Education Skills and Development has played a major role in improving the lives of Batswana. Their vision is to educated and globally competitive human resource by 2016 which is our golden jubilee. The following quick facts about this Ministry serves as a motivation to its personnel, and it will be informative to the public at large.

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1. In 1965 the budget stood at R 1 626 891 and currently the budget is at P10.6 billion.
2. There were 251 primary schools at independence and 756 primary schools now.
3. There were 9 secondary schools at independence and currently there are 32 Senior Secondary, 2 Unified Schools and 205 Junior Secondary Schools.
5. BGCSE was introduced in 1999 to localize high school examination from Cambridge General Certificate of Education.
6. At independence there were 2 colleges of Education, 2 technical education colleges, 1 Institution of Health, Botswana supported BOLESWA from 1964.
7. MOESD has a staff turnover of 37 000, of which teachers are 26 000 and non-teachers are 11 000.

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