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Rita Ora talks about her curvy figure

Rita Ora has admitted she’s “OK with having curves” and is proud to “show off” what she’s got on the red carpet and on her Instagram account. 
Rita Ora has always been “really into” her body and loves the feeling of empowerment she gets from showing her figure off.

The 28-year-old singer is known for her flesh-flashing red carpet dresses and daring stage outfits and she also isn’t shy to share bikini pictures on her Instagram account, and Rita insists her curvaceous shape has always given a lot of body confidence and she enjoys showing it off.

In an interview with Vogue.co.uk, she said: “I’ve always been really into my body, having the ability to show off what I’ve got, have confidence in myself – I’m not the skinniest in the world but I’m OK with having curves, I’m OK with wearing fashion, wearing things that people might think are a bit crazy. It’s about having fun.”

Rita credits her mother Vera with giving her that confidence and she is proud that her mum, even at the age of 55, makes an effort to look glamorous and have fun on her own Instagram account.

The ‘Let You Love Me’ hitmaker said: “Her Instagram is so funny – she’s verified, and she lets everybody know it.”

Rita’s willingness to embrace her own individual style began when she was a teenager growing up in London and she loved to customise her clothes.

The pop star – who is a brand ambassador for Escada and the global ambassador for Thomas Sabo – said: “As a teenager, I would wear things that I could afford: ripped up jeans, things I’d made, cheap stuff from Portobello. People would ask, ‘Oh, where’s that from?’ and I’d lie and pretend it was expensive.”

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