Should it be studying what you love or a degree that will get you a job?

In a world that is in-fluxed with unemployment, it is only ideal that someone goes with what resonates within them than just getting a degree that is deemed to be possessing more opportunities for someone to get a job once they have completed their studies. Today we share with you why it is important to get a degree on what you love than just following the notion that you will get a job easily with a certain degree.

  • It is said that if you love what you do you will always get a job in it, that is true doing what you like will open doors for you.
  • There is a difference between your interests and your career strengths. If you think you could really crack the world of modern art then great, but if art is just something you enjoy on a weeknight, perhaps reconsider your choice to study fine art.
  • If you are currently choosing a course at university, or thinking of changing your course, my advice to you is simple: don’t confuse your hobby with your career prospects. Play to your strengths, not your passions.
  • If you are lucky enough to have the two overlap between hobbies and potential career opportunities in the future then great. But bear in mind that with the right job there will always be time for the things you enjoy, regardless of whether you studied them at university or not.
  • The fact is, there are few reasons not to study what you genuinely want to. Achieving in the subject area that appeals to you is always possible and if you don’t do it, other people will.

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