The First Ever Fitness Academy In Botswana Produce Graduates

Fitness and wellness in Botswana is starting to be taken seriously. We see many people registering for fun marathons, and some jogging along the Western by pass in the name of good health. We are now taking it to the next level with the graduation of nine fitness health instructors at the Fitness Health and Wellness Academy Botswana.


The graduation was held in style with the academy hosting a six-hour aerobathon at the launch with graduates instructing a huge audience of fitness and health participants for the first time. This industry is dominated by foreigners, henceforth the founder found it fit to close down the gap in the industry which present a shortage of Batswana instructors.

Of the nine who were graduating, one had successfully completed personal training course and the rest for aerobics. Now people do not have to spend a lot of money travelling to other countries to seek such training, as it was now available in Botswana. This will not only create employment, but we are also guaranteed to have fit and healthy nation.


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