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The Power of Our Thoughts

Whether negative or positive, our thoughts have an effect on how far we go in life. They can either restrict or nurture our potential. Do you have those ideas or thoughts that just smile at you? Those ideas that make you feel high on life and help you press on? Do you also have thoughts that just weigh you down? Thoughts of inferiority, inadequacies that make you feel like you will never amount to anything?

At some point in our lives, we have had to battle with negative thoughts. In fact, throughout our lives we will always, always be faced with both negative and positive thoughts. It is within us, it is our responsibility to decide whether we let our thoughts control us or we control them. Our minds can sometimes keep us imprisoned hence keep us or delay us from reaching our potential. So you have thoughts? Ideas to make yourself and other people better? Goals that you want to achieve?  . If you could wake up every day, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are awesome despite your weaknesses that will change your confidence. This is because even in the midst of your imperfections, you choose to ignore those and notice only things that make you feel better about yourself. Although this exercise is more practical, the same principle applies in changing your thoughts. The thing is negative thoughts will always be there, they sometimes keep us from making improvements in our lives.  So in feeding your mind with positive thoughts in spite of the negatives, your life will drastically change.

We all have that one dream that makes our hearts skip a beat, that one dream that makes us sweat but in a good way. However, it isn’t enough to dream, we need make plans that will help us escape our mental prison. Learn first to quiet down negative thoughts with positive ones, and then write down all your goals and dreams. When you have done that, set time frames within which to realise your dreams, work hard to find resources to realise your dreams. I believe in that way, you have established goals and how to achieve them; therefore you are good to go. Most importantly always whisper sweet little things to yourself such as ‘I can do this, God is with me’.

They say that if you can dream it then you can achieve it and they also say if your dreams don’t scare you then they aren’t big enough. Break out of that mental prison that keeps reminding you that you can’t amount to anything. Instead, tell it that yes I can do it! I can be and I will be a success! GO!

By;Lebogang Motlalekgosi



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