The role of the target audience in social media marketing strategies in Botswana

When devising a communication or digital marketing strategy nowadays, professionals have to take into consideration a multiplicity of different factors, often interconnected, putting together a mass of information from which they will then try to create a concrete communication plan, with precise rhythms, timing and content. 

There is no uniform rule for the success of a communication plan, because each plan represents a story in itself, and will therefore have unique characteristics that cannot be replicated in any way. A decisive factor, for the realisation of any online communication strategy, is certainly represented by the target we decide to address, that is, the main recipients of our communication messages. 

The type of target audience will have direct consequences on the nature of the messages, their content, but above all on the language we decide to use to try to involve our target audience more. A fundamental part of the work, for every brand, is in fact the study of its audience and its habits, its cultural references, so as to be able to prepare content suitable for the target audience segment. 

We are not only talking about mere buying habits, but also about the behaviour people adopt online, through their choice of their favourite social network or entertainment platform. In fact, modern buyer personas models, i.e. the ideal image of the typical consumer, must also include extremely detailed sections on people’s online behaviour. 

Social Media Trends 

In some cases, the communication campaign must necessarily be limited to a certain geographic area, and must therefore also be developed on the basis of the digital trends of that specific area of the world. In a country like Botswana, for example, where the most popular social media is still Facebook, the most effective content for online communication will have to have a precise structure, a language that can adapt to the platform and the expectations of the audience. 

At the beginning of 2022, in Botswana, as many as 1.1 million people used Facebook, while other virtual spaces such as Instagram or Twitter attracted far fewer people. What does this mean for those who have to devise a content marketing strategy aimed at the Botswana audience? Facebook is one of the few social media outlets that still lends itself to a traditional form of storytelling, consisting of a balanced mix of written and visual content, so communication and marketing teams will have to work to tell the brand in a creative way, creating a big story to be broken down into many small chunks, corresponding to each post that will be published in a specific time frame. 

Each post must contain a reference, even a veiled one, to the main theme of the communication campaign, thus creating a common thread that will firmly link it to all the other posts. This will create coherent and enjoyable content that will attract the attention of the public, emotionally involving them and inducing them to take concrete action on the web.

The example of India 

In a nation dominated by the use of other social media, such as India, marketing strategies will take on completely different forms and content. In India, a social media such as YouTube was used even more than Facebook in the first months of 2022, attracting more than 400 million users. 

In this case, marketing teams will have to focus on devising high-impact corporate videos, not necessarily short, but capable of narrating the brand in an exciting and engaging way, also generating strong reactions from the audience. 

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With one’s target audience clearly in mind, with all its unique and inimitable characteristics, creating customised and impactful content will be as easy as breathing.

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