Three suspects arrested in operation kgomokhumo

In the on-going Operation Kgomokhumo in the Boteti Sub District, operatives
have arrested three suspects aged between 31 and 38 for stealing stock.

The trio, a 21-year-old man of Mosetina ward in Makalamabedi Central, a 38-
year-old man of Gwandu ward also of Makalamabedi Central and a 35-year old
man of Newstance ward in Toteng were arrested last week Wednesday
(01/06/22) after they were found in possession five (5) cattle reported to have
The suspected stolen cattle are two cows (2) cows and three (3) calves. There is a

of movement of stolen cattle especially calves from the farming
Red Zone in Ngamiland area into the Central district in transit to the lucrative zero
tooth market down South. The calves are alleged to be sold to Boteti stock
thieves at cost of between P500-00 and P800-00 per beast.
The suspects are currently helping the police with investigations and are expected
to appear before court very soo

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