Tips On Applying For Chevening Scholarship

There is nothing as admirable as a successful person who is keen on helping other people to be a success as well. A former Chevening Scholarship beneficiary, Unami Moatswi has penned down useful tips that can help others to be a part of the program. If you are looking for simple advice, you are welcome to use these tips when applying for the Chevening (or any other scholarship).



– Use the Chevening course finder tool on the website. It will show you all the courses and where try are offered. It’s your responsibility that after you identify the programs you prefer (3 choices ) you must do a thorough search about the requirements for application; fees, minimum academic requirement, personal statement; timeline,etc.
-Please select a course that interests you as well as a priority for the country, remember you will be married to this program for 12 months.
-Any application fees associated with the admission are your responsibility. So don’t pick a random university just because there isn’t an application fee. Chevening scholarships are prestigious, so be mindful.
-Postgraduate admissions are open from September, it normally takes 8 weeks for you to get a response. So patience is a virtue here but there are chances you won’t get admission.

Personal Statements

Please please take your time, commit time, invest time into these essays. To draft, review and be satisfied.
-Do not plagiarize: write your story, no one can help you write your story and your plans. These are things only you know, what a person can help you with is to proof read your statements .
– These are personal statements, so they are yours and about you. Lets keep it that way.

Application Process

– The application process is 3 months, that’s sufficient time. Please allow a few hours a week for this task. This is a serious task, it’s about your life. Give it the respect it deserves.
– This is the 3rd week, you must have already set up an account for the application.
-Last minute work is clearly visible, don’t be a victim.
-There is no magic formula. It’s just commitment and the desire to progress professionally.
– This application and opportunity to grow both personally and professionally, it’s not about going to live in the UK. It’s also about your input when you return to Botswana, what is your role in the development of Botswana, what skills will you horne and input for the benefit of Botswana.
– Timing is everything, ask yourself if this is the time in your career and life for you to get a master’s. Don’t be caught up in the hype. Just because person X got the scholarship doesn’t mean you would, or means the scholarship is “easy” that’s why person X got it. So far you don’t have anything to lose, so take this chance, if you don’t make it the first time, there’s next year and the year after that.


1. Start application, kindly “like” and use the Botswana Chevening Alumni page on Facebook for enquiries
2. Research programs and schools (use course finder, Google,university websites)
3. Take an English test (P2500) at the British council. Bookings are made online. Some universities will require it as part of admission application.
4. Reach out to your referees and let them know your plans because it’s annoying to ask for a reference 1 week before submitting.
5. Be authentic, be real, be honest, have the zeal, be creative,commit!
6. Have your essays ready for proof reading at least 4 weeks before submission.

Unami is availableto proof read and review, for a fee, which is dependent on when you send her the  documents. This is her email:

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