Top 10 Qualities Of A Smart Businesswoman

Businesswomen are slowly gaining equal footing with their male counterparts. We have examples likeย Oprah Winfrey, who was hailed as the First Black Woman Millionaire. In many areas, the days when men used to dominate the world of big businesses and huge corporations are waning. The opinion of women is sought more frequently; this occurs in boardrooms and local chambers of commerce.ย A successful woman exhibits the following 10 traits.

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1. Ambitious.

A successful businesswoman has a clear vision. Her vision is ambitious but realistic and attainable. The drive to transform her vision to reality is strong and all her decisions are made towards achieving the company’s mission and vision. She is always on the lookout to improve the company’s standing, whether as an employee or business owner.

2. Confident.

The modern woman entrepreneur has a healthy level of self confidence and believes in her ability and skills. Self doubt is part of being human, but a confident business woman is able to put these into proper perspective. She does not personalize mistakes or criticism but uses them instead as feedback and opportunities for improvement.

3. A Good Listener.

Aside from confidence in herself, she also values the opinion of others and seeks help from experts. She is confident in her ability to critically analyze other people’s input. She actively listens to them. A good businesswoman understands than no one is an island, henceforth does not run her business like a greedy politician

4. Takes Risks.

Running a business or heading a corporation involves taking risks. The successful businesswoman is willing to move forward, make bold decisions, explore new opportunities, take responsibility and able to analyze mistakes and poor decisions. She sees challenges as opportunities to learn, adapt and grow.

5. Innovative.

Entrepreneurs need to be bold enough to create new plans, rules and organizations when the status quo is no longer enough. She creates a modern twist to traditional ways in running a business by asking questions and recognizing the talent in other people.

6. Willingness To Learn

The successful businesswoman is willing to adapt to changes and learn new ways to thrive amidst the changes. A good example is the use of new technology. A good business woman will learn to be technologically competent and not dependent upon male counterparts or act in stereotypical ways.

7. She Is Strong-Minded.

Strong minded doesn’t mean that you’re rude, conceited or destructive. On the contrary, a strong-minded woman displays confidence. When you’re strong minded, you’re empowered, possess a healthy self image and take responsibility for your life. The entrepreneurial spirit, by its very nature, requires us to consider possibilities that most aren’t brave enough to.

8. She Is Soft-Hearted.

Charity and compassion allow us to reach beyond our cookie-cutter lives and make a difference in the lives of others. By reaching out to others, we grow as individuals. A woman with a compassionate heart has great influence.

9. Integrity.

You don’t need to leave victims in your path to be victorious. You don’t need to step on others to step to the next level. Integrity must be the very core of your character. Always put honor before dollars and live by your convictions. As you gain respect and trust, your company will grow. People seek to do business with those they trust.

10. She Has Balance In Her Life.

Our lives revolve around four major categories: family and friends, health, wealth and spirit. These areas must be balanced to lead a fulfilled life. Evaluate your balance continually. A balanced life allows you to think clearly with imagination and optimism

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