Top 8 Easy Ways To Cure Flu

Winter is already here and some of us are already down with flu and going to the hospital or pharmacy to get medication cannot be more exhausting. Below are some of the ways you can treat a cold without the trouble of having to go out in search of medication.

8 Easy Ways To Cure Flu
1. Blow your nose often rather than sniffing the mucus back in your head, but do not blow too hard as you may hurt your ears.

2. Treat your blocked nose with salt water, rinsing with salty water helps break nasal congestion and removes virus particles and bacteria from your nose.

3. Stay warm and take a rest. Resting will help the body direct its energy toward the immune battle.

4. Take a teaspoon of salt dissolved in hot water at least four times daily.

5. Drink hot liquids, they prevent dehydration and soothe the uncomfortable inflamed membranes that line the nose.

6. Take a steamy shower, it moisturises nasal passages and relaxes the body.

7. Eat infection fighting food, especially the ones loaded with vitamin C.

8. Use a small dab of menthol under your nose to open breathing passages.

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