Trinity owes Batswana his Canada stardom

Trinity was a man of poise and integrity while still based in Canada. He was making headline after the other in a foreign country. But that stardom feat seems to have been a foreign thing, after his return back in the country we expected that he continue his reign especially now that he would be making presentations to people that will be on his own origin. No new music is heard coming from the musician camp.

While in Canada a few years back, he paticipated in some of the big gigs in Canada, among them the Afro Fest music festival, which attracted over 60 000 people. He also did the Harbour Front Festival, Africa Night and the Canadian Music Week. In his country he has not been called as often as the audiences could have anticipated. On awards, he has not gathered himself anything under his belt in the country but during his Canada days he was nominated for the World Music Artist of the Year under the African Entertainment Award which he later won.

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