Tshepo Molwane Calls On Other Sports Journalists To Introspect

In a country like Botswana the public rely on journalists to relay information to them and sports is no exception. One popular sports journalist Tshepo Molwane’s observation is that sports journalist tend to fail people who rely on us for information. “There are lots of things which happen under our noses and I don’t know if we tend to ignore them deliberately or what?” he said.

We cannot deny the fact that gifts and money breeds corruption, henceforth Mr Molwane has also observed that there are certain sports leaders who are always made to account while others are just in a comfort zone thanks to their personal relationship (s) with certain scribes. This according to him is that once sports journalists don’t differentiate between personal and professional relationship (s) they  are doomed.

“In the end, our readers/listeners are going to lose faith if we don’t put our act together. Personally, I have been abused, threatened, beaten and even offered huge sums but I have never let that intimidate me. I know that I have responsibilities, that is to inform sports people of what is happening in their codes without fear or favor,” he concluded. Sad reality indeed!!

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