Tsogwane meet Orapa and letlhakane mine executive management

The Acting President, Mr Slumber Tsogwane has commended Debswana’s Orapa and Letlhakane mine for the number of women in their Executive Management positions. Acting President Tsogwane said it is pleasing and encouraging to see strong women making part of the executive management of such a big organization. He said this when appreciating the day to day running of the mine in Orapa yesterday.

Tsogwane said the number of women in the executive is a good thing as it promotes gender equity. On the other note he cautioned the management about competition from synthetic diamonds and encouraged them to be alert and think of competitive ways to run the mine.

He also advised the management to consider using alternative energy in running the mine. “Solar energy is clean to the environment and as a huge organization, it will be good for you to lead by example. There is abundant solar energy in the country that should be harvested and used,” he said.

Tsogwane further said since the mine has a budget for Corporate Social Responsibility activities, projects carried out should be of huge impact to the communities they are done in. He encouraged the management to engage communities and assess their needs before coming up with such projects. He said if carefully implemented, these projects will add to rural development which government is keen of.

Tsogwane also emphasized the need for management take good care of employees. He said they should be recognised and appreciated to motivate them to be able to perform to their best and produce desired results.

For his part, General Manager, Mogakolodi Maoketsa concurred with Acting President Tsogwane on the use of alternative energy. Moaketsa revealed that they are using solar energy to power some of their buildings such as the Executive management offices. He also said they have a budget of P10 Million reserved for Corporate Social Responsibility activities and promised to engage the community as advised in order to get the best out of the initiative.

Maoketsa further said they are trying as the mine to engage local companies in jobs that they outsource in order to empower citizens and to encourage personal citizen empowerment. Attending this meeting was also the area counselor Honorable Chilume Balopi and he recommended that the management consider using small local companies as well for them to grow.

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