Tumelo Masalila Interview

Tell us about your background and your profession

Tumelo is a trainer, motivational speaker and leader. I grew up in the north east district of Botswana (Francistown) . I then relocated to Gaborone to do my tertiary level studies both at University of Botswana and Limkokwing University of Creative Technology, and now based in Gaborone. I have five siblings.  My profession is sales and marketing, I hold two business diplomas one in Marketing and the other Business Management.

You’re the new Junior Chamber International (JCI) Botswana President. Well done. Please tell us about your journey with JCI

I joined JCI in October 2010 and became active as a member in January 2011 where I first took a trip to Zimbabwe for the African and Middle East Development Council – South. I did most of JCI official courses which led to me ending up as a JCI certified trainer. I served in the same year 2011 as a Director of Individual Opportunities then moved on to serve as Vice President Individual in the same year. Through out the year I was active in different projects such as Business Forum, Inspire 1 Million campaign just to name a few.  I ran for Gaborone Local President on the same year and was inaugurated president. I served as 2012 Local President for Gaborone Chapter, leading members to different projects such as business forum, wellness day, hosting JCI Botswana annual national convention, nothing but nets malaria project under MDG’s, SOS Tree planting campaign and JCI Enterprise Development Model. All these projects helped me grow strong in my leadership. In the same year I attended a JCI International conference Africa and Middle East in Casablanca, Morocco, I then got elected to be 2013 Executive Vice President  (EVP) for the national BOD.  On the year 2013 I served as EVP mostly concentrating on members capacity building through providing training, worked in organizing  the Africa and Middle East Conference in Gaborone where I also graduated at the African Leadership Academy. I later on July attended another leadership academy in Fukuyama, Japan until now as President Elect for JCI Botswana 2014.

Is there anything else that you do?

Currently I only volunteer my services to JCI Botswana as a BOD member, nothing on the side.

How has JCI Botswana been progressing over the last couple of years?

JCI Botswana has grown and has become more meaningful to living its vision (To be the leading global network of young active citizens) and mission (To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change).  The numbers of membership have increased and the aspect of positive impact to society is more visible and can be something to be proud of. More young people are being empowered through being given the ability to serve as a leader, trainer or as an effective manager.

What do you aim to do during your term?

My main aim is to promote and instill the spirit of active citizenship amongst Batswana in general. During my term and beyond we shall be Thriving Through Active Citizenship, (Active citizens are individuals invested in the future of their community) as well as promoting the spirit of individual social responsibility in people.

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What is your best JCI Experience?

My trip to Japan for the JCI Japan  Leadership Academy. I experienced and learnt a lot from the Japanese culture;enjoyed the cultural diversity because seventy (70) countries where present including seventy (70) people from Japan.  I acquired cross cultural leadership skills necessary to become outstanding local, national and global active citizen. This is an award for Global Networkers who work towards a better and more peaceful world.

I also came up with a project which I called the Enterprise Development Model for entrepreneurs who are struggling with issues such as equity. The project helped entrepreneurs to form supply chains and complement each other to be able to supply and match the demand of the market. The success of this project was one of the most memorable things for me in the organisation.

What should one do if they are interested in being part of JCI?

JCI requires young professionals between ages of 18 and 40 who are willing to give time in aspects of bettering their communities.  These are people willing to demonstrate and give back to their communities, as a sign of active citizenship and individual social responsibility.

If you could travel to any country in the world where would you go?

United States of America, for benchmarking purposes on business ventures.

Who do you look up to and why?

My late father, he lived his life mostly believing much in what he wanted to achieve and no matter what came he stood his ground.

What are your personal goals for the next 5 years?

To be a family man; married

To have completed the book I am writing

To be successfully running my businesses; self employed

To be impacting positively to my community; through projects that will be used as means to transforming lives of people for the better.

Is there anything you’d like to say to young people in Botswana?

I want young people to see themselves as true assets and very important to the development and growth of our country. They need to know that what they do now in their youthful age will be the outcomes of who they will be and how their country will be.  Power, Strength and Ability is in the life of a young person; they can choose and change the way things are in their lives and surrounding.

How can people contact you?

I am active on facebook for those who are in social media, I am based in Gaborone my contact is +267 71557152 and email


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