UDC releases Press Statement


The statement reads ‘The leadership of the UDC is grateful to all patriots who sacrificed their precious time to queue up within and outside Botswana to cast their votes in our favour.

Your loyalty, belief and support is greatly appreciated, and they remain the fuel that spurs us on. We collectively worked together for victory, evidence is there for all to see. We trust that in exercising your constitutional right to vote, you did so for our party and we believe you did. 

Prior to these elections, we indicated our misgivings about certain instances and unsettling conduct to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as well as other international bodies, encouraging them to ensure that they assist us to conduct elections that espouse unquestionable integrity and credibility. We insist that this wasn’tthe case. 

There were glaring discrepancies and irregularities that in our considered view, have brought about fraudulent results and we find ourselves at pains to accept as true, correct and fair.

In the same breath, we wish to inform our members, supporters and sympathizers that the process of gathering evidence is underway and shall thereafter be advised on the way forward. 

In the meantime, we call for calm and respect for the rule of law (Something for which you’re well known) to safeguard our peace and stability to allow conclusion of this critical exercise.

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