Unemployed youth teacher graduates march!

Teachers petition

A group of young unemployed teacher graduates who have been involved in a march against teacher unemployment have arrived in Gaborone. The unemployed youth entourage is said to be headed to the ministry of Basic Education where they are to submit their petition letter to minister Bagalatia Arone.

Mahalapye to Gaborone

The teacher graduates started their walk on Saturday from Mahalapye. The marching teacher graduates have been addressing kgotla meetings in various places they stopped including Rasesa and Mochudi. Among other things they addressed in Kgotla meetings they held are challenges they continue to face in Botswana as unemployed teachers.

Permission granted

Yesterday the Minister for Basic Education Arone, issued out a letter allowing the petitioning teachers to hand in their letter at the Ministry of Education headquarters in Gaborone today.

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