Vee Mampeezy Announces New Partnership With Refreshhh Botswana  

Vee Mampeezy Announces New Partnership With Refreshhh Botswana on his social media platforms with posts that read; 

“I’m pleased to announce  my new partnership WITH , Refreshhh Botswana  I’m excited because  I love their products. Support and buying Refreshhh products is the same as supporting Vee Mampeezy  .Thank u so much @Refreshhh ,real recognize real 🤌🔥” 

Supporting their new brand ambassador the cool drink company also wrote “You guessed it right! Our official Refreshhh Botswana brand ambassador is none other than Vee Mampeezy! The freshhhest artist in Botswana!  🥁🥁🥁🔥🔥 #Feelthefizz with Mr Eazzy Peazy ! #Refreshhh” 

Refreshhh Botswana  describes itself as “The coolest drink manufacturer with enough flavour,fizz and refreshhhment to keep you going. #Flavour YourFizz with one of our delicious flavours!”

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