What to do for free during your vacation in Botswana 

There’s no denying it: most people, for some time now, have been insistently thinking about their next trip, their upcoming vacation periods to be spent abroad, in spring or summer. The person who is thinking about his travels in this spring of 2022 is a very different individual from the one who was researching information about his travels before two years ago, when the specter of Covid-19 had not yet fully manifested itself. He is a person much more aware of his role in society, his place in the world, but also of the immense value of his own (newfound) freedom. After two years in which people were used to forced closures, social distancing, long periods of lockdown, in short, a substantial reduction of their personal space and freedom, people couldn’t wait to get back on the road and explore the world, even on solo trips, without having a specific goal, just savoring the incomparable pleasure contained in every travel experience. When we talk about travel, there is invariably a recurring element in every conversation, almost as if it were an automatic reaction to a certain verbal expression, and it almost always takes the form of the question: “What will you do in this or that country?”. 

The new sense of travel 

Put in this way, the question is deeply flawed. Those who travel do not do so with the purpose of reaching a certain point, limiting themselves to traveling a certain distance just to get from A to B, or vice versa. Those who travel – or at least the majority of romantic travelers – do so solely for the pleasure of the journey itself, for the joy of finding themselves in airports, train stations and crowded streets, advancing continuously, seemingly without purpose, but perfectly in control and sometimes even happy. The pleasure is all here, certainly not in reaching the destination. When the final point of the journey is finally reached, the pleasure almost completely disappears, because it will mean that the journey is over. The people who have emerged unscathed from Covid-19 are looking for just this kind of feeling, an exhilarating experience that sets them up for an endless journey. 

Despite the nagging persistence of some variants of the Coronavirus, restrictions on foreigners’ access are gradually disappearing in many countries, including the need for quarantine upon arrival or the requirement to present a negative swab. To all those who will be lucky enough to happen in Africa, especially in Botsawana, fate has reserved some interesting opportunities to explore some of the best attractions of the country without spending a single euro, totally free of charge, thus allowing each tourist to devote himself solely to the emotions related to their present, that is, the trip. In the capital, Gaborone, you can certainly find time to visit the three colossal bronze statues of the three dikgosi, the great tribal leaders of the country. The statues are more than 5 meters tall, and are Gaborone’s most visited attraction.

Their majesty can take the breath away from any viewer, allowing them to immerse themselves for a few moments in the country’s history and its dense meaning.

A little bit of India in Africa 

In the capital you will also find a Hare Krishna temple, an absolutely special place where every Sunday, as in every other Hare Krishna temple around the world, the Sunday Feast takes place, during which a vegetarian dinner is offered to all those present. Usually, before the dinner, visitors to the temple take part in a lecture on the main Hare Krishna scriptures and brief moments of song and dance, during which they can experience the religious fervor of the local devotees. 

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Regardless of your travel destination, what you should focus on are the stops in between, those particular points along the way where you will spend a few hours relaxing, or even just a short rest stop. It is there that you will experience the most delicious moments of the trip, and in all likelihood you will never forget them.

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