10 Civil Etiquette Tips For A First Date!

There is no doubt that going to a first date with someone that you are trying to impress is awkward for both parties. Bad manners can be deal-breakers on first dates. For those of you that have a first date coming up soon, there are some rules that you should follow in order to make it go smooth and set a good impression of yourself. Consider the following 10 tips.


1. Arrive On Time.

You should always make that first impression count. Therefore, if you have a date, it is important to make sure you arrive on time. If you arrive late, then this is definitely not going to be a good first impression and it could lead to something you didn’t want.

2. Do Not Use Your Phone.

Unless you are a doctor who is on call, there is no reason for you to use that phone during your date. So, if you are able to, turn the phone off while the date is in progress. If you sit there chatting on the phone in front of your date, they may think you are not interested in them, even if you are.

3. Dress Nicely.

You should dress nicely. Of course, you should put your best dress on, but don’t overdo it. Make sure you still maintain your style and don’t try to dress like someone you aren’t.

4. Best Table Manners.

Surely, you grew up with your mother teaching you table manners. Don’t make a mess all over the table, don’t put your elbows on the table while you are eating, chew slowly and do not talk when you have your mouth full. This is the first date, so you should not mess up on those table manners.

5. Eye Contact.

If you continue the first date without making eye contact, then they may not think you are interested in them. It is rude to not look at someone when they are talking to them. Apart from eye contact, you should show that you are interested (if you are) and get involved in the conversation.

6. Be Respectful.

During the first date, you should be respectful. During this time, you should not answer too many personal questions. When you speak, you should keep it low. Also, if the waiter left something out, don’t yell at them or be rude to them , show your respectful side.

7. Make Your Date Comfortable.

At all times, you should make sure your date feels comfortable. You should never do something that makes your date feel uncomfortable. In fact, before you kiss them goodbye after that first date, you should ask for that kiss, don’t just take it.

8. Avoid The Eternal Bathroom Visit.

First dates are already awkward, so no one wants to be left alone to focus on his/her nerves. Sometimes you can’t help it, but leaving your date alone at the table for long periods of time is rude.

9. Don’t Talk With Your Mouth Full.

Talking with your full creates all sorts of problems. Not only is it a visibly bad habit, but you might spit food on your date, and it makes you speak in an incomprehensible language.

10. Avoid Risky Food Orders.

When you’re going out with someone for the first time, don’t get too risky with your restaurant choice. Do not go for exotic meals that you do not even know.When in doubt, stick to safer stuff.

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