3 ways to deal with alcoholism without therapy

1. Remember.

This isn’t about remembering your mistakes. This isn’t about dwelling on the pain you feel. This is about remembering two key elements that can help you see the situation more clearly,remember where you are and how you function.

2. Replace.

It’s easy to focus on replacing the habit of drinking with another habit. This is a very necessary step, but it can be emphasized to the point that another vital aspect of overcoming alcoholism is neglected: the importance of thoughts. If it seems like no progress is being made and all you see is failure, you can replace it with focusing on the positive progress that you have made (no matter how small it may feel) and let that fuel your process of overcoming.

3. Re-engage.

However, since negative thoughts are often coupled with the urge (and action) of drinking, then positive thoughts should be coupled with action. Finding a stress outlet to replace the tendency to drink can greatly aid your overcoming process. Exercise or various other relaxation techniques have been found helpful in moving towards positive change.

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