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5 facts about self publishing

Want to be a writer and consider self publishing? Here are some of the facts that you have to know about self publishing;

1.Self-published books never go out of print, unlike trade books – commercial publishers will usually give a new book a maximum of a year to start making a profit before they give up on it and delist it from their catalogue.

2.You can write what you like, unchanged by publishers. Many indie authors who have formerly been published by big companies report on the bliss of being liberated from their publisher’s dictates.

3. It is not easy to make a living out of self publishing because there are not so many opportunities presented to you because you have went the solo route.

4.You can publish as often as you are want. For the writer this means being able to work to their own schedule, for the reader it means not having to wait a year between books by a favourite author.

5.There are many self-published books who blow traditional books out of the water in terms of quality and story, so never judge a book by its publisher, some the best thing is always for you as a writer or reader to go ahead with the publishing.

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