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5 Tips to Get You Settled in Your New Job

Here are five tips to help you through your initial milestones and position you for success both personally and professionally.

1. Meet the management team
First impressions are key. Help to forge solid relationships with your superiors by scheduling one-on-one sessions with the management team for a meet-and-greet. This might already be a part of your onboarding process, but if not – set them up! Taking initiative will show you’re keen to make your mark in the business, and it’s good when your name is top-of-mind. Talk about what they expect from you as you embark and settle into your position. Additionally, be certain that you are aware of any priorities you should concentrate on.

2. Take notes in a physical notebook
The first day will bring about many questions. Ask as many as you can but remember to always keep a notebook on you so you can record your responses. Writing anything down is a really apparent way of saying that you’re there and eager to learn. If you’re more digitally minded, opt for your laptop over your phone, which might give off the wrong impression of being distracted or bored.

3. Create a document to keep track of your accomplishments

It’s never too early to begin keeping track of your successes. Make a document where you may record your accomplishments, your growth, and the difference you’ve made for quick access when it comes time to submit your performance review. Better yet, use it to keep track of goals you and your manager set, and keep referring to measure your progress.

4. Review your insurance policies
Make sure you have the proper risk coverage in place to safeguard your future earnings. It is currently your most valuable possession. This includes insurance that offers payments in the event of a disability or impairment, or that provides regular payments to replace your income.

Edwin Theron, CEO at Sanlam Indie, says that analysing your insurance policies at key points in your life, like a job change, is also the perfect time to learn about any new coverage options your insurer recently announced and how you can benefit from them. He goes on to say: β€œWith a new job, reviewing policies such as income protection allows you to understand how closely your benefit amount and premium payment relate to the personal income you have listed on your policy.”

5. Self-care is important

It can be physically and mentally stressful to start a new career. You don’t want to exhaust yourself in the beginning, though. Make sure to look after your health and spend some time engaging in energizing activities. Even while you might feel pressured to give your new job all your waking hours, doing so might quickly harm your health and impair your effectiveness. Right away, try to establish a healthy work-life balance, and maintain those boundaries    


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