5 Ways To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Younger

We are all in a constant battle to keep our skin looking healthy. Even the skin care industry is taking advantage of this fact and launching new products day by day. Their clever marketing persuades people to buy the products, but often without any results to show for their money.

Fulfilling the desire for younger-looking skin does not mean having to spend a fortune on expensive products and treatments.

Remember, the skin is the body’s largest organ. Healthy and youthful skin is a sign of optimal well-being. From eating right to your exercise routine, from your skin care regimen to your sleeping style, everything affects your skin quality.

  1. Wash Your Face Just Once a Day

Unless you have a skin condition like acne, dermatologists say you only need to wash your face once a day, in the evening right before going to bed. Always use a mild cleanser.

Night time cleansing helps remove makeup, pollutants and other particles that have collected on the skin throughout the day.

If you like washing your face to feel fresh in the morning, skip the cleanser and just rinse with lukewarm water. Cleansing your face twice a day or more can cause dryness, especially if you have dry and sensitive skin.

  1. Moisturize within 3 Minutes after Bathing

Moisturizing is important for healthy and beautiful skin, as it protects the skin from the weather and from drying out and looking dull. It even helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels by sealing in the water already in the skin or slowly releasing moisture into the skin.

But to enjoy these benefits of moisturizers, it is important to apply the moisturizer at the right time.

To capture the most amount of moisture from your bath or shower, apply a moisturizer within three minutes of bathing. This is suggested by the American Academy of Dermatology.

When you come out of the shower or bath and pat dry your skin, the skin pores are still open. So, applying moisturizer at this time helps it penetrate deep inside the skin. It even traps water in the skin by preventing it from evaporating.

To hydrate the skin, it is also important to drink enough water throughout the day. Aim to drink eight glasses of water a day to keep your skin firm, toned and glowing – from head to toe.

  1. Sleep on Your Back

Sleep is essential for healthy skin. If you’re short on sleep even for a single day, it can lead to bags under the eyes. So, just imagine how multiple sleepless nights affect your skin appearance.

While quantity of sleep is important for skin health, even the way you sleep can have a huge effect on your skin appearance. Sleeping on your stomach with your face buried into your pillow can cause dark circles and puffiness around your eyes. This sleeping posture can cause the blood vessels to become constricted and result in poor blood circulation.

To maintain your skin’s overall health, train yourself to sleep on your back and keep your head raised well above your body by using two pillows. Also, try to sleep for at least seven hours a day.

  1. Add Coconut Oil to Your Beauty Routine

Whether it’s healthy skin or hair that you want, extra-virgin coconut oil is something you should invest in.

No matter what type of skin you have, extra-virgin coconut oil works as a great moisturizer. It is, in fact, very helpful for older people who are more prone to skin dryness. This oil is one of the only sources of medium-chain fatty acids, which is what makes it so incredibly good for skin.

  1. Avoid Excessive Scrubbing

Gentle exfoliation is a great way to get rid of excess dead skin cells and bring back your skin’s radiant glow. But over-exfoliation can cause irritation and inflammation. Many of us rub too vigorously when using a scrub. The constant friction and abrasion on the skin can strip away the natural oils, leading to irritation and dryness. It can even cause post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, leading to darkening of blemishes.






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