Advantages And Disadvantages Of Eye Lash Extensions

Every girl wants to have Kim Kardashian’s long, full lashes. Long, flirty lashes are what many of us wish to have, especially if we’ve inherited sparse, barely there eyelashes. While there are certain solutions available, such as strips that glue on, not every woman has the time to deal with them when she is getting ready for a night out or a day at work. You may want to consider lash extensions, then. But before you book an appointment, here’s what you should know first.



1. They can look very natural

Depending on the type of eyelashes you use, the results are very natural looking they can even be more natural than mascara oftentimes. So you always look refreshed and awake, with your lashes opening up your eyes.

2. They last for about three weeks

So for three weeks, you don’t have to fuss with curling your eyelashes or applying mascara. You can get out the door faster! With eyelash extensions, there is no longer a need for heavy amounts of eye makeup.

3. A More Beautiful Appearance

While there are women out there who possess naturally long, beautiful eyelashes, there are also many who do not. Eyelash extensions provide them with the opportunity to look every bit as beautiful as their counterparts who already have naturally long lashes.

4. The Convenience Factor

Being able to wake up and already have the eyelashes you want, with zero effort put in is one of the best reasons for a woman to get eyelash extensions. Life becomes significantly more convenient when you eliminate one huge part of the morning beautification process.

5. Versatility

When it comes to eyelash extensions, women have more choices than they typically know what to do with. Women can choose between synthetic fibers or lashes made from silk and mink. There are a wide range of lengths and colors to choose from, allowing a woman to select the lashes that best suit her appearance and personal sense of style.


1. Health Risk Factors

Unfortunately, not every woman can enjoy the convenience of eyelash extensions. The glue that is used to fasten them on can often cause allergic reactions. Women have also been known to suffer from infections in their eyes, due to lack of proper eyelash extension maintenance.

2. They last only three weeks

Yes, their duration is also a con. You have to weigh the cost of the type you get with the three or so weeks they will last you. It might not be affordable to have them on an ongoing basis. If that’s the case, consider eyelash extensions for special occasions, then, such as for a vacation or a wedding.

3. Increase In Maintenance

While eyelash extensions do cut down on the morning preparation, they add another regular appointment to an already busy schedule. If a woman already has to set aside time to get her hair and nails done, it can be difficult to find yet another block of time to apply eyelash extension

4. Cost

A woman can save herself some money by finding a moderately priced independent technician. She’ll also be able to cut back on her other makeup related expenses. Considering that the growth cycle for a person’s natural eyelashes takes about six to eight weeks, that’s about as often as the eyelash extensions will need to be replaced.

5. Your eye makeup choices are limited

While lash extensions make wearing mascara unnecessary, keep in mind that wearing eyeliner and eye shadow is not ideal when you have eyelash extensions, since you’ll need to wash and rub your eye area to remove your eye makeup. If you still opt to wear eye makeup, then be sure to use a non-oily eye makeup remover.

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