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Berry Heart Denies The Latest Nudes!

Our very own version of Kim Kardashian, Berry Heart’s nude pictures have found their way to social media again. This time there is a twist as the award winning poet denies to be the person on the picture. She claims that since her phone was stolen, the thief, photo-shopped her pictures and posted on her Facebook page.


Berry Heart is quite famous for wearing barely there outfits. Late last year, she launched her lingerie and swimwear line on December 19th at the Cigar Lounge. The dress code for the event was suits for men and lingerie for women, failing which will resulting in payment of a certain amount at the door. The same thing happened as she found images of her on social media without here consent.

The photos were clearly photo-shopped because she looks a bit slim, photo-shopped by who remains a mystery. Whatever the case, no publicity is bad publicity.  This continues to make her brand grow as an artists because she is forever in the vicinity of the media and the public.

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