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10 Batswana Celebrities and Their Homes

Botswana, a country known for its rich culture and talent, boasts a myriad of celebrities who have made significant contributions to various industries, including entertainment, sports, and media. While fans often catch glimpses of their favorite stars on stage or screen, little is known about the homes they retreat to when the spotlight dims. Let’s take a peek into the private residences of 10 Botswana celebrities, offering a rare insight into their personal lives and unique sense of style.


  1. Vee Mampeezy: Renowned as one of Botswana’s top musicians, Vee Mampeezy’s home reflects his vibrant personality and love for contemporary design. Situated in Gaborone, his residence features sleek lines, modern furnishings, and pops of color, creating a welcoming and stylish space for relaxation and creativity.
  2. Goitse Kgaswane: As a model and actress, Goitse Kgaswane’s home reflects her sophisticated taste and elegance. Located in the serene outskirts of Gaborone, her tranquil abode is a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  3. Zeus: A trailblazing rapper and producer, Zeus’ home is a testament to his eclectic style and artistic sensibilities. Nestled in a quiet neighborhood in Gaborone, his residence features bold artwork, vintage furniture pieces, and cozy nooks for creative inspiration, reflecting his passion for music and design.
  4. Gasebalwe Seretse: As a prominent politician and businessman, Gasebalwe Seretse’s home exudes elegance and refinement. Located in the prestigious Phakalane Golf Estate, his expansive residence boasts manicured gardens, luxurious amenities, and tasteful interiors, reflecting his status as a respected figure in Botswana society.
  5. Lorato “Lorraine” Shale: Known for her role in the popular TV series “The River,” Lorato Shale’s home is a cozy retreat filled with personal touches and eclectic dΓ©cor. Situated in Francistown, her residence features vintage finds, cozy textiles, and an inviting ambiance, providing a serene escape from the demands of her acting career.
  6. Tshepang Ramoba: As the drummer for the internationally acclaimed band BLK JKS, Tshepang Ramoba’s home is a creative haven filled with musical instruments, artwork, and vintage memorabilia. Located in Maun, his residence reflects his eclectic taste and passion for music, offering a glimpse into his unique perspective on art and culture.
  7. Dollarmac: A beloved comedian and actor, Dollarmac’s home is a reflection of his playful personality and quirky sense of humor. Situated in Kanye, his residence features colorful accents, whimsical dΓ©cor, and humorous touches, creating a fun and lighthearted atmosphere for entertaining friends and family.
  8. Tshegofatso Senwelo: As a fashion designer and entrepreneur, Tshegofatso Senwelo’s home is a stylish sanctuary filled with curated pieces and elegant furnishings. Located in Lobatse, her residence reflects her passion for design and attention to detail, with every corner thoughtfully adorned with beauty and sophistication.
  9. Charma Gal: Renowned for her captivating voice and vibrant personality, Charma Gal’s home is an expression of her joyful spirit. Located in the heart of Gaborone, her lively residence is a hub for entertainment and creativity.
  10. Gebane: As a celebrated poet and spoken word artist, Gebane’s home is a sanctuary of creativity and inspiration. Situated in Serowe, his residence features cozy reading nooks, inspirational quotes, and personal mementos, providing a peaceful retreat for introspection and artistic expression.

These 10 Botswana celebrities’ homes offer a glimpse into their unique personalities, tastes, and lifestyles, showcasing the diverse talents and passions that define them. From sleek modern residences to cozy retreats filled with character, each home reflects the individuality and creativity of its famous occupants, inviting us to appreciate the beauty and diversity of Botswana’s celebrity culture.

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