Check Out The Winners From Botswana Youth Awards Here

Last week the long awaited Botswana Youth Awards were held and it definitely lived up to the viewers standards. Eighteen youth walked away with different awards for the changes they made in their communities. Duma FM, Bw jobs 4 Graduates, Pastor Boago Ramogapi and Resego Motlhokathari among others walked out with awards.

See other winners below.

Boago ramogapi is a pastor, a motivational speaker and business coach and formed a youth empowerment platform called Le Premier
the young woman is a succesful farmer and aims to help young aspiring farmers to grow
BW Jobs 4 Graduates is well known for freely providing the youth with available opportunities and relevant advice on how to get jobs.
He recently represented the country at The Dakar Rally and was the first Motswana to cross the finish line at the race.
The radio station was voted for being the best in addressing youth issues
The young lady is a model and has been the face of several fashion shows
she is a cancer survivor and is now an activist
The young man is disabled and never let it hinder his goals. he is a businessman and activist
A community servant of change, activist and youth leader
The 24 year old has written 3 BGCSE revision books.
he is a flawless Setswana poet
Lieutenant Phatsima is one of the first females to fly a BDF aircraft
He hosts a popular radio show and Tv show
Coordinator at Botswana climate change and gender activist
MD at Royal Clicks

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