Cooler Boxes To Be Allowed In Until 1600 Hours At the Wizkid Show

Organisers of the Diamond City Concerts that will be bringing to BW the Come closer hitmaker Wizkid a few days back came up with a long list of rues that are supposed to be followed by the spectators.

Check out the rules here;’


We have engaged top leading security companies to provide among others ViP Protection for our artists, security and crowd control for our patrons.

We are pleased to inform you all that the following has been decided;

1. Only empty cooler boxes shall be allowed. No ice, water or anything shall be allowed as cooler boxes are usually used to hide weapons. Ice and refreshments shall be provided for in the venue

2. No bottles or metal items shall be allowed. All points of entry shall scan for knives and any hazadous substances and anyone found with the above mentioned shall be arrested.

3. No cars will be allowed at the stadium area as the road will be blocked. We shall provide shuttle services for all our patrons from GSS Grounds which is where cars will be parked and Nanogang Grounds where VVIP parking shall be. This is done in a bid to enable easy crowed control by security agents and to avoid traffic at the stadium and to ease access in the stadium.

4. No Ticket Sale at the Venue, tickets shall not be sold at the venue and we think they shall sell out before the date of the event.

5. Tickets Are Limited: we have been a number of tickets to sell as per the capacity if the venue hence we will not exceed this number as it will be a security breach in our side.

6. There will be a safe passage for emergency for both ambulances and patrons which will be communicated in case of emergency exit.

They have since reviewed their rules and cooler boxes will be allowed in the venue until four o’clock in the evening but wont be allowed from then.


We have reviewed our cooler box policy as follows;

1. Gates will open at 1000HRS

2. Cooler boxes will be allowed from 1000H Till 1600H

3. A separate gate for those with cooler boxes will be communicated to avoid delays at entrances for search purposes.

4. There will be a thorough search of cooler boxes

5. No bottles, glasses or metal cups will be allowed in the cooler box

6. After 4 pm cooler boxes wont be allowed into the venue

7. Drinks will be sold in the stadium at reasonable prices…prices should be the same as at all events you have attended before.. or even less

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