Drought Days Are Over, Gaborone Dam Filling Up

Rainfall has been less than adequate for the past 4 or so years in Gaborone, so the main source of water for the city, Gaborone Dam, has been running dry. Gaborone dam has a capacity of 141 million cubic metres of water, but the lack of rains and positioning of the dam made levels to go as low as 1.2% of capacity.

As much as it has brought damage to property and infrastructure, the Dineo Cyclone has come as a blessing in disguise for Gaborone and surrounding areas residents. The rains that continue to pour down has almost filled up the stubborn Gaborone dam. The dam was reported to be at 89.4% at 0600hrs this morning, which is 28 months of supply without inflow. At this rate there is a chance of it filling up before the end of the day.

Lack of water in Gaborone dam led to water restrictions around the capital city and the Greater Gaborone areas. Last year the South East District made some recommendations to WUC on water restrictions. It recommended the identification and rehabilitation of additional sources from the old boreholes and the rehabilitation of the existing infrastructure to address water losses. Those days are over now!


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