ESL opens store

The block 3 industrial this past Saturday was given some life after one of the country’s leading designer lines Eccentric Style Loft (ESL) launched a new store in the area. Dressed in finely drapping and well-cut dresses, attendants to the launch had a blast of a night to themselves. The new store which has ready-made creations by the designer line is a new line of clothing works ever produced in the country.

It is not the typical and all-time boutique style but one that gets you to look at their clothes twice when you glance at them. They speak in loud volumes, they do not just represent what the brand is about but also surpass the expectations of the designers themselves. ESL has been making strides in the country dressing some of the leading persons in the modelling and fashion rounds. Their biggest breaks came when they dressed an elite number of Miss Botswana two years ago. From then on they have been getting designer request after another.

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